Narragansett Pastry Chef Jamie Chernesky

Pastry Chef Jamie Chernesky

Jamie Chernesky is back to her childhood roots and wrist-deep in flour as the Coast Guard House’s first pastry chef.

Every dessert is made by Jamie, who began her pastry chef career baking for friends and family growing up in rural New York. Though raised by a family of nurses, she took a different path. Studying for a bachelor’s degree in culinary management, she also worked full time as a pastry chef while only a sophomore at Newbury College in Brookline, Mass. She combined baking with playing on the soccer team and taking classes six hours a day.

Rhode Island Pastry Chef

Armed with her new degree, Jamie sought out an ocean view and a new position in the world of hospitality. She landed in Rhode Island at the Coast Guard House as house manager, but working in the front of the restaurant made her long for the back. Now she is in the kitchen whipping up creative spins on old favorites.

Jamie is a fearless chef. She joined pastry chefs throughout Rhode Island for a fund-raiser in January to benefit the Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England. Their charge was to make drinks and desserts with Girl Scout cookies as the centerpiece. Jamie came up with Thin Mint-amisu and PB&B.

Coast Guard House Desserts

The Coast Guard House desserts sound fairly traditional – flourless chocolate cake, crème brûlée, cheesecake, cannoli and bread pudding – but surprising combinations and additions –pumpkin dust anyone? – give them a new zing. All the options, except the cannoli and bread pudding, are either gluten free or can be made that way.

The chocolate cake features Port-soaked cherries, a pistachio nougat and chocolate plaquette. The cannoli is filled with local ricotta flavored with vanilla bean and topped with candied pears, wild moon chai liquor caramel and pumpkin dust. The crème brûlée is finished off with biscotti chips, whipped ganache and candied orange. The bread pudding – actually oatmeal bread pudding – combines the expected ingredients with poached pears, roasted chestnut mascarpone, Port reduction and strudel.

Don’t be one of those “oh I couldn’t possibly” diners who refuse dessert. Leave room for one of Jamie’s creations. You won’t regret it.