Best Beaches Narragansett

Best Beaches NarragansettBest Beaches Narragansett

Two major publications have validated what we’ve known all along: Narragansett in the summertime is hard to beat.

Boston Globe readers ranked Narragansett as New England’s best beach town, and Town & Country magazine places Narragansett Town Beach among the top 10 in the region. That’s no surprise to us here at The Coast Guard House, where we’ve catered to beach lovers for decades.

Globe readers say Narragansett’s got it all, even more than Dennis and Provincetown on the Cape and Ogunquit in Maine. (Again, we knew that already.) It’s not just the amazing beaches readers like, it’s the small-town vibe, friendly people, gorgeous sunsets and the iconic Towers that span Ocean Road just outside our front door. The surfing at Narragansett Town Beach was also rated highly, since the water here is warmer than our northern beach neighbors and the waves draw surfers for hundreds of miles.

Readers gave The Coast Guard House its own shout-out. The town beach is a short walk away from our outdoor bars and dining areas, where visitors can practically feel the sea mist on their faces while enjoying views of the bridge to Newport, the Towers and the mile-long strip of sand that attracts tourists by the thousands. The Coast Guard House is also located near the shops at Narragansett Pier to occupy kids and parents alike if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Town & Country served up similar raves about Narragansett Town Beach, its surfing lessons, “teen scene” and walks along the seawall, but it came with the admonition not to drink your Del’s frozen lemonade with a straw or be instantly outed as a tourist.

We’re not picky about how you drink in the joys of Narragansett, but we can assure you we’ve got the best view in town, the best seafood and the best place to see friends. Summer wouldn’t be complete without stuffies, clam cakes and chowder would it? As New Englanders already know, summer just wouldn’t be summer without The Coast Guard House either.