2018 Award of Excellence

Coast Guard House Wine

Wine Spectator 2018 Award of Excellence – Four Years in a row

“Pure elation,” was wine director Elisa Wybaniec’s reaction to the Coast Guard House’s first Wine Spectator award in 2015. The feeling doesn’t get old.

The restaurant has earned the magazine’s “Award of Excellence” every year since. The Coast Guard House was recognized on its first attempt – truly a thrill for Elisa. The magazine’s Award of Excellence is given to restaurants for thoughtful wine selections that work well with the cuisine, in style and in price, and offer “sufficient choice to satisfy discerning wine lovers.”

Sum it up this way: If you like wine, you’ll love the Coast Guard House.

Wine Spectator notes that the Coast Guard House is particularly strong in wines from France, California and Italy in a range of prices.

The magazine annually receives more than 4,000 entries from over 50 countries, and has reviewed literally tens of thousands of wine lists since the prestigious restaurant awards program began in 1981.

Restaurants aren’t even eligible for the Award of Excellence unless they can serve at least 90 choices, and the Coast Guard House has 290 and an inventory of 2,940 bottles.

But don’t worry about buying an entire bottle if you’re not sure. Ask for a taste or try a glass. The Coast Guard House wine-by-the-glass selection is intentionally huge, at 17 whites and 12 reds. Elisa says the variety gives diners the chance to take a risk and try something completely different.

Another way to learn more is to check out the monthly wine dinners held fall through spring. A multi-course Coast Guard House dinner is paired with selections from a particular producer – Mazzei, Fess Parker, Orin Swift, Blackbird Vineyards, Rombauer, Swick and Catena wines have been represented.

Just ask if you have a question. After more than five years of rigorous study and nerve-wracking exams, Elisa is a certified sommelier by the Court of Master Sommelier, and she has earned a Diploma of Wine and Spirits (DWS), from Wine & Spirits Education Trust, based in London.

The staff is knowledgeable as well. Elisa is on a mission to continue learning more about wines around the world, and she shares what she knows, training servers on new wines and the menu selections that match up best.

You don’t have to be a student of fine wine to enjoy it. Wine is meant to be fun, and the Coast Guard House is the perfect place to do just that.